Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Scratch Tuesday: Brainstorms

January's Scratch Tuesdays were spent refamiliarizing ourselves with the basics of socializing, researching, and debugging on Scratch.  Today, we discussed the "Theatre Metaphor," the central idea around which Scratch is designed:

In Scratch, actors called "sprites" wear costumes
and perform their scripts on the stage.  Source

We then brainstormed ideas together for what we could put on a stage, with a mind to our upcoming Family Night in April.  Here are some of the results!  (More below the cut!)

One student designed an animated Valentine's Day card, and saw it through to completion
right there in the workshop.  Here is his project (make sure your sound is on):

Click the green flag to begin!

Several students really took the theatrical metaphor to heart:

This student decided to work on a President's Day project.  Though she didn't finish today, she was hard at work and we can't wait to see her again!

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