Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sign Up For Next Session

Permission slips are available now for our final session of Tech Time!  Our next session will begin on Monday, May 11 and will run until school gets out for summer.

Reminder--our current session will conclude next Friday.  If your child has been attending, they are already signed up for next week.

Tech Time Family Night Flyer

Monday, April 27, 2015

Attention Parents!

Next Thursday, May 7, from 5:30 to 6:30, we will have a Tech Time Family Night!  

Your Super Heroes have been hard at work!

Come visit us to see what we've been up to at Tech Time each week.  Our theme for the evening is "Super Heroes"!  We will have stations for parents to check out several projects we've been working on.  And, your kids have the chance to teach YOU how to work on the following:

*  Code.org
*  Scratch
*  Minecraft
*  PBS Kids
*  Lego Mindstorms

We will have snacks prepared and plenty of Chromebooks for our parents to participate.

Please watch for a flier to come home this week!  All Kenwood and IPA Tech Time Families are welcome to come.  We hope you can join us!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Hardware Friday

Technology comes in all shapes, sizes and forms.  Today, we had a visit from Miss Tammy from Collision Car Care Center.  She was here to teach us about how to check the oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze and wiper fluid in a car.  The kids took turns checking the gauges while Miss Tammy talked to us about the different jobs they do.  As with any piece of equipment, all parts have to be maintained to ensure it works well.  These kiddos may ask you if they can change your oil on your car today.  

Michael and his mom, Miss Tammy, just explained what to look for to make sure you have enough oil in your car.

Michael is showing the boys where the oil dipstick is located.

Ted just got done checking the oil level.

On Thursday, at Girls Lead, we decided to go to school.

The girls have been discussing different things they'd like to learn about and offered up many ideas for topics they could teach.  Once they decided on the topics, they led a discussion on what is involved in teaching!  Questions came up, such as:
"What materials would we need to teach this?"
"What audience will I be teaching?"
"Do people want to learn about this?"
"How long will this lesson take?  Five minutes?  Fifteen minutes?"

They determined we would need two sessions for our school.  Here are the topics they chose:

1.  How to make paper snowflakes,
2.  How to make "Goo",
3,  How to create an "Animal Jam" account,
4.  How to apply makeup.

We are looking forward to see our girls in action as they take us all to school!

The girls are exploring Animal Jam
Chloe and Charlotte are preparing to make their snowflakes.
Here, they are showing eachother how to make their account and what they can do on the site.