Friday, April 24, 2015

On Thursday, at Girls Lead, we decided to go to school.

The girls have been discussing different things they'd like to learn about and offered up many ideas for topics they could teach.  Once they decided on the topics, they led a discussion on what is involved in teaching!  Questions came up, such as:
"What materials would we need to teach this?"
"What audience will I be teaching?"
"Do people want to learn about this?"
"How long will this lesson take?  Five minutes?  Fifteen minutes?"

They determined we would need two sessions for our school.  Here are the topics they chose:

1.  How to make paper snowflakes,
2.  How to make "Goo",
3,  How to create an "Animal Jam" account,
4.  How to apply makeup.

We are looking forward to see our girls in action as they take us all to school!

The girls are exploring Animal Jam
Chloe and Charlotte are preparing to make their snowflakes.
Here, they are showing eachother how to make their account and what they can do on the site.

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