Workshop Activities

Here are the activities for our morning workshops.  You can see them here when they "go live," or in this Google Drive folder as they are developed.

Electricity Week:

  • 10/14 - Lightning!
  • 10/15 - Circuits
  • 10/16 - Power Grids
    • TCIPG Website:  Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) partners with The Office for Mathematics, Science, and Technology Education (MSTE) in the College of Education for education, outreach, and engagement.  (From the TCIPG website.)  Be sure to check out the interactive apps on their homepage, especially...
    • Tesla Town is a fun app that shows where the electricity in our homes comes from!
    • The Resources page includes various web resources, including news articles and the Department of Energy's "Energy 101" YouTube channel.
Note:  As of 10/19, morning workshops have been shifted to long-term Scratch projects, using design documents to keep project development on-track over time.  This has met with much more participation and enthusiasm.  To read about how design documents are used in the professional world, click here.

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