Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11th Photo Blogging by Tech Time Kids

Girls Lead Thursday included photo blogging, crocheting, and drawing. Take a look at these pictures and see what kids had to say!


my favorite color is blue I love dogs i hate clowns




I made it by heart.


I really like old school. my fav. color is this.

IMG_0059.JPG Kate and Mr. Bheki are crocheting.
They are using a blackish and grayish color.


Mr.Travis doing a good job at crocheting.


Alex and Kayla are making friendship bracelets.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Week of December 6th

Week of December 6th

Last Week of Tech Time Before Break!

Don't Forget: Field Trip
We will have a huge group of students heading over to Siebel Center of Computer Science this Friday. Make sure you are signed up, we'll have a blast!

Survey Continues

Pictures from the Craft Tech Fair

Thanks to all of our student volunteers, community volunteers, and guests! The Craft Tech Fair was an enormous success. Click on this picture to see more . . .

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week of Dec. 2nd: Broadcasting, Embroidery and Paper Crafts

Help Make Tech Time Better: Share Your Thoughts!

This Saturday! Craft Tech Fair Will Have Tons of Things to Do!

Community Stations:
  • FabLab - Sticker Printing
  • Wolfram - Raspberry Pi Mini-Computer Demo
  • InfoCity - Champaign Urbana Wiki

Kenwood Tech Stations:
  • Makey-Makey Music - Mr. Lash
  • Computer Hardware - Martin Wolske, UIUC Library Science Tech Time Grant Coordinator
  • Scratch/ Demo Station - Student Volunteers with Travis Faust (Tech Time Coordinator)
  • Minecraft Lounge - Bring Your Own Device (iPad, laptop, whatever you have!)

PTA Craft Stations:
  • Foam bracelets
  • Holiday bookmarks
  • Kaleidoscopes 
  • Scratch board ornaments
  • Holiday photo frames
  • Snowman puppets
  • Bags for decorating to take your items home

Don’t forget to share your projects on the Kenwood Tech Time Studio so you can show them off at the Craft Tech Fair. If you would like to volunteer to show Scratch and to other families and kids, sign up with Travis. 

Next Week
Tuesday, December 9th: Original Scratch – Make a project that is all your own!

Thursday, December 11th: Friendship Bracelets – Join us for a day of making and photographing our own friendship bracelets. Bring your own designs and learn some new ones! (Why friendship bracelets? Tech Time is committed to the simple concept that any tool we use can be a kind of technology,  so thread counts! How will you innovate with thread?)

Friday, December 12th: Field Trip – Join us for a trip to Siebel Center for Computer Science. All students, including Kids Plus students, must sign a permission slip in order to attend.