Thursday, February 26, 2015

Girls Lead Thursday: Fixing a Flat

Today, Liz, Jake, and Dan from The Bike Project of Urbana-Champaign brought a bunch of bikes and gear so that we could all learn how to repair flat bicycle tires.  We had a great turnout and many requests for a repeat, so stay tuned in the fourth quarter when the weather gets nicer!  I got a bunch of great photos and some really good video while Ms. Larson ran the show and some new volunteers helped out.  The video needs some editing, but the photos are ready to go.  Plenty more below the cut.  Many thanks once again to James and The Bike Project for all their support!

 Students broke into groups to repair flat tires.
 A couple students brought in their own
bikes.  These sisters work on one of them.

 Dan helps a pair of students get the tire off
while two more remove the second wheel.
 Liz watches over two students working at a bike stand.
 These students are pumping air into a
tire to locate the source of the leak.
 Having located the leak and prepped the area, the patch is applied.
 Lola helps a student fit the tire back onto the wheel after repairs.
 These students listen and feel to locate the leak in their second tube.
" Hello?  Domino's Pizza?  I'd like to order a
large cheese with a side of ranch dressing."
Jake helps two students at the other bike stand.

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