Thursday, February 5, 2015

Girls Lead Thursday: Design

Today we started designing our projects for the April Family Night (date coming soon!).  Rather than take the usual top-down approach (where you decide what your project will be first, and then decompose it into manageable chunks from there), we decided to take the bottom-up approach (where you start with what you know how to do, and think of cool projects you can make with those building blocks).  The students seemed to have a much better time taking it from this direction!  Here is a stellar example of a third grade student's ability to plan ahead when working bottom-up instead of top-down:

Click through the cut for some photos of students hard at work on their projects!

Ms. Larson collaborates with a student.

Some IPA students using Scratch for the first time.

These boys look like they're making serious progress.

A volunteer gets hooked on the design process, and two
students (top center) collaborate on making a Pokédex.

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